Connect with your audience through live and on-demand video. Anytime. Anywhere.

All your content
on one platform!

Incorporating All Your Content into 1 Platform

We aggregate all your video content, including live streams, recorded video, and live channels into a single platform. The Onwards system can work with all major video formats and deliver a consistent viewer experience.

Connect with your viewers
wherever they are!

Building Your Own OTT Platform

Onwards has the experience to deliver your content using whatever medium makes sense for your business. Website and mobile app? Great! Dedicated set-top box? Absolutely! We have a highly scalable solution, support for everything from a few users in an office to millions of users around the world.

Platform Features

Live and recorded video all in one place

Video on Demand

• Add meta-data, including video information, chapters, and tagging

• APIs included to interact with existing applications or front-end media players

• Support for multiple audio tracks and subtitles

• Create playlists with VOD content

Live Channels

• Use OMG’s platform for encoding or bring in your own

• Live transcoding to all major output formats

• Ability to insert ads and other custom content for different viewers

Advanced Video Processing

Extract additional value from your content

• Facial recognition to automatically extract actors and actresses in each video

• Subtitle extraction using advanced OCR

• Convert audio to text to enable keyword searching

• Auto detection of advertisements, ready for replacement for localized adverts, generating more revenue

• All content going through the OMG PRO platform can be saved for additional processing, including live channels in addition to VOD


• HLS Encryption with customizable key management

• DRM integration to ensure your content are well protected throughout

• Built-in client management with access control and authentication, and flexible API integration with LDAP, AD, or other user databases

• Subscription models with payment gateway integration, or integrate with your billing system

Advertisement Management

• Operators can manage different types of ads, including pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, real-time insertion, or displayed as an overlay

• Compliant with VAST advertisement standard, including in-video voting, input text, animation, and even the ability to trigger a payment

Advertising Platform Integration

• Insert cues in video stream to query for advertisements in real-time

Monitoring and Analytics

• Real-time viewership reports

• Analytics reports for marketing and business teams

• Identify user trends to boost engagement and ad value

Pseudo-Live TV

Create your own pseudo-live channel by mixing VOD and live content

• Easy-to-use scheduling interface, including ad management

• Update program schedules without interrupting viewers

• Automatic episode guide generation

• Ability to take live channel and convert to VOD content

Enabling catchup TV with EPG integration

• Archive channels for as long as you need

• Live channels can be converted directly to VOD content and integrated with the live episode guide

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