OMG Network Multiplier

OMG Network Multiplier

Harness the power of a connected audience!

Platform Features

Cost Savings

• Eliminate CDN waste! Vastly increase your CDN’s video delivery capacity without additional cost.

• Scales with your audience. More viewers means more opportunity for CDN savings.

Increased Video Quality

• OMG Network Multiplier creates a mesh network, making it more reliable and able to deliver higher bitrate content than CDN edge servers alone.

• Spikes in viewership create a stronger network and more reliable playback.

Easy Integration

• OMG Network Multiplier works with web, mobile, and even set-top boxes to deliver video in the most efficient way possible.

• Can be used on top of existing infrastructure! No need to replace expensive software and equipment, and no need to migrate off your existing video solution.

• Works with Live and VOD content.

• Built on industry-standard protocols to ensure easy compatibility.

Customer Case